Carpet Binding Services

Freeway Commercial Flooring provides carpet binding services for our customers throughout Hampshire from as close as Southampton, Romsey and Chandlers Ford to beyond the county borders.

What is Carpet Binding?

  • Carpet Binding Services in Southampton & Hampshire
  • Carpet Binding Services in Southampton & Hampshire
  • Carpet Binding Services in Southampton & Hampshire

Carpet binding, edging or whipping, whatever you call it; we do it!

Any size or any shape; you can set us the challenge. We offer a fast turnaround because we do the binding on the premises, five days a week.

Carpet binding is especially suitable for edging yacht and caravan carpets. Why dont you bring all your carpet off-cuts to us and we will turn them into rugs!

Special rates available to carpet retailers and fitters who supply us with regular binding.

Carpet Binding is the use of a cotton or synthetic based thread that is sewn to the edges of a piece of carpet. This is done to improve how the carpet looks and to keep the edges of the carpet from unraveling or becoming frayed.

Carpet Binding is used to create area rugs that can be utilized in a variety of ways both in and around the house and business premises. Carpet Binding can create rugs under a dining room & boardroom tables, in front of a fireplace in the home or under desks in the office. Wherever a rug can be used to add a bit of decorative color to a room or make work spaces more comfortable under foot and pleasing to the eye.

Carpet off-cuts? Why not turn them into rugs with binding?

Carpet Binding is great for those pieces of carpet that are left over from a room installation. The left over pieces can be turned into rugs fpr doorways and entrances to help reduce wear and tear on the installed carpet and giving further retun on investment by reducing waste.

Freeway Commercial Flooring provides Carpet Binding for domestic & business use.

Custom made rugs and stair runners

Do you need a strip of carpet that is not a standard size?
We can help you. We stock a myriad of off-cut pieces. Simply pop into our showroom, select your piece, we’ll cut it to the size you require and bind it, leaving you with a professionally finished rug made fit for purpose.

We offer carpet binding at our premises at Ower, Romsey off the M27 between Southampton and Cadnam.


We provide rugs for various applications:

Stair runners
Around your home
At the office
School mats


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